Bsnl Bond Agreement Format

… JAOS recruited directly in general and A.P. Circle, BSNL in particular are reimbursed immediately after the deadline of the bond to those who… CIC/AD/A/2009/001221 October 8, 2009 Applicant`s Name: Shri C.S.Aravind Authority Name: BSNL, New Delhi Background 1. das… The applicant filed an application RTI dt.12.6.09 to the CPIO, BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi. He asked for the following information: i) if the deposit of… PGM BSNL Trichy) and the possibility to make up to 30 free photocopies/snippets. With regard to borrowing and other documents… – DGM (administrator/HR/EB) BSNL O/o of General Manager No. 4 Bharathidasan Salai, Cantonment, Tiruchinapalli-620001 RTI application filed on 15/07/2011 IO: 29/07/2011, 23/09…order no. CIC/DS/A/2010/0001483/LS of 10/02/2011. 3- The General Assembly (MIS) – CPIO, RTI Cell, BSNL, New Delhi Letter 18-1389/09-RTI dt.

28/06/2011 (Annexure-I) 4- The committee consists of the OAC… … organizational requirement, as long as a minimum five-year benefit has been set in accordance with the obligation. Certainly, since the opponents/candidates of the party have left the service of the BSNL on their own… Per: Mr.E.K.BHARAT BHUSHAN, ADMINISTRATOR MEMBER This O.A. is managed by Shri.Kannan Raghu, former officer of the… contrary to the provisions of Appendix A-3, Appendix A-5 and Appendix A-6, in which the amount of the loan, overpayment and monthly salary are required. The reliefs sought in the O.A. are the following… New Delhi, India”3. A subsequent agreement was reached between the parties in the form of “obligations”, in which the petitioner agreed to compensate the respondent for an amount… 08.03.2001, that it was valid for a period of 12 months, i.e.

until 08.03.2002 According to paragraph 15, the guarantee period was 12 months, which was also over when the loan… The compensation was carried out by the petitioner in favour of the respondent.8. The respondent`s qualified counsel invited him to let the petitioner know that BSNL had issued notes of application… the case is that in 2010, the applicant was selected as a JTO for which he had to execute a loan that he must take over for at least five years after the completion of the training. One of the conditions… 2,000,000 billion euros as a loan amount to the BSNL.3. Second, the applicant found that…… 4. When the applicant submitted his resignation for membership in the Central Water Commission, BSNL asked the applicant to deposit the amount of the loan. The applicant argues that he was forced to…

a new loan with his current employer (NTPC Ltd) on 26.9.2011.”2. The facts that lead to the filing of the OA are: -3. The applicant has set up the… Formalities to be completed for discharge by the BSNL organization. In this process, the time allotted by the BHEL is up.4. The applicant also… Failed to join the HPCL position. The applicant argues that the negligence of the third respondent, his claim despite the fact that the transfer of bonds… On 24.09.2003, the applicant took office after successfully participating in the junior technical officer recruitment examination led by the third respondent BSNL. He had performed a Bond… a loan amounting to 85.-85,000/- for compensation to the respondent BSNL for any losses/damages he may suffer as a result of a possible condition of the contract by the trainee.

The complainant had… CGM, Telecom, Karnataka Circle, wrote to the second respondent on December 10, 2003 that it could withdraw the applicant`s necessary loan for the remainder of the time of the loan with BSNL.