Financial Aid Consortium Agreement Example

If the consortium agreement is approved by the FAS, the assistant director establishes the consortium contract and e-mail to the host school. The consortium agreement form is available from the Office of Student Financial Aid. The student should complete the student field and forward the consortium agreement to his academic advisor for approval and refer him to Financial Aid for review. Student Financial Aid will process and manage all financial assistance to the student in accordance with its policies and procedures, and the host institution undertakes not to provide financial assistance to the student registered under this agreement. Financial assistance is provided to the host institution. The student receives all portions not used as a refund. Learn how, as a UMGC student, you can take courses at another institution and how it affects your financial support. CPE students who are interested in E.U. financial assistance while taking some or all courses at another university should speak with a Financial Aid and Scholarship Advisor (FAS) to discuss the student`s reason for applying for a consortium agreement. If necessary, an application form for the consortium agreement is made available to the student at that meeting. The following conditions must be met to qualify for a consortium agreement: From time to time, students wish to spend a semester or academic year at another national institution and donate the hours earned to Delaware State University.

Students often enrol at both the DSU and a community school and wish to combine hours in both institutions for financial assistance. Under these conditions, financial assistance can be obtained as long as certain conditions are met. It is also possible to be employed part-time at the university, as you show university enrollment by concluding the consortium agreement. They must receive enough hours of credit from EOU to obtain financial assistance, at least six hours for students and five hours for higher education graduates.