Pli Shareholders Agreement

This program will be useful for practitioners involved in the development and negotiation of agreements for complex business transactions. Public: Law firm and in-house counsel, as well as any lawyer or professional involved in the development and negotiation of a large number of enterprise agreements, you will discover the basics of the development and negotiation of enterprise agreements – from the way the provisions of an agreement go hand in hand to the basic design and negotiation principles common to all enterprise contracts. Our specialized courses will tell you how to reduce your client`s goals to a comprehensive, clearly written and enforceable agreement, and how you can identify the issues most likely to arise during the negotiation of this agreement. You will understand why and where difficult problems usually arise during the design phase, as well as what you can do to solve these problems effectively and creatively. In addition, you will get the perspective of a judicial agent on how to develop contracts for law enforcement and learn more about general ethical issues when developing enterprise agreements. Please note that this program is only offered as a live webcast. Speakers will participate in the remote program. As always, Webcast participants have access to all program materials and can view all of the program`s films during the presentation and send questions to stakeholders. We thank you for your understanding, as we follow the instructions of local health workers and work to create a safe learning environment for participants and teachers. Preconditions: interest in design, negotiation and/or process work in business transactions.