Termination Of Work Agreement

The maximum length of shift work is not set by law. However, for some categories of workers, it is subject to separate rules. Pregnant women also receive additional protection under a temporary agreement. Even if a fixed term has been agreed, the employer is required to extend the contract until the woman is entitled to maternity leave. The frequent reasons for the termination of the employment contract are: an employment contract is an agreement between the employer and the employee. These contracts set the terms of employment, including salary, position, obligations and working time. If necessary, an employment contract also details redundancy requirements and redundancy clauses. Contracts may be fixed-term, fixed-term or indeterminate contracts. The shift work must be indicated in the local regulations of the organisation and in the employment contract with the employee. In addition to redundancy pay, employers must also consider the impact of coverage and retirement plans. To this end, clear guidelines and procedures must be put in place to ensure that employees are informed of their rights in the event of termination of the contract. We`ve added a checklist below so you`re aware of everything that needs to be considered.

When there is less work available, the employer should make every effort to provide the worker with another job or other training prior to dismissal. If the employer is declared bankrupt, the employment contract may be terminated. A change of ownership is not a sufficient reason to end the employment relationship. Not pregnancy, not family vacations. Sometimes the specifics of the work (for example. B working conditions) make it impossible to meet a weekly schedule or regular work schedule. In such cases, the employer and the worker can agree on a system for calculating unemployed working time. This system is called working time recording on a summary basis. However, hours of work grouped together for a period known as the “accounting period” (no more than one year) must not exceed the normal number of hours worked (Article 104 Labour Code). This means that an employee working on an aggregate basis at the end of the accounting period must have worked the same number of hours as an employee working in normal mode. Separation contracts are generally concluded in the event of a potentially contentious termination.

A lawyer can help you be careful to avoid a legal dispute and make sure you are ready to take legal action if one of them comes forward.