Court Order Settlement Agreement

The question was also raised by Van der Linde J in Lodestone Investments (Pty) Ltd v Muhammad Ebrahim t/a Ndimoyo Transport GLD Case No 5716/2016 (29 April 2016) and National Youth Development Agency v Dual Point Consulting (Pty) Ltd and Another (06982/2016) [2016] ZAGPJHC 114 (19 May 2016). In both cases, the court refused to rule on the case. 41.1 (b)), is acceptable, but does not go so far as to allow an unspecified retention period. For example, in Holland v. New Jersey Department of Corrections,15 the third circle accepted the District Court`s approval decree, which expressly maintained jurisdiction for four years. Further still, at Bronze Shields v. City of Newark,16 the District of New Jersey authorized the execution of a consent order for 15 years after the introduction of the ordinance. On the other hand, in McCall-Bey v. Franzen,17, a decision on which the New Jersey courts relied positively, found that federal courts do not have the authority to exercise ancillary jurisdiction indefinitely, arguing that a 20-year enforcement power “would unduly weigh on the limits of the federal judiciary.” A period of subsidiary power over a settlement agreement is most likely considered appropriate if it corresponds to the period during which the parties are required to comply with the terms of the settlement agreement. .

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