Novel Wedding Agreement Bab 15

The man was grinding his teeth as both hands clenched above his right and left thighs, wrapped in black cloth pants. He tries to soothe the anger. Also, his marriage is not based on love, in fact, William is a very handsome man and Marsha knows very well, he will live very well if he becomes William`s wife. It`s just that Marsha`s dream is to marry the man she loves, and it`s not William. The dance breathed deeply. That`s right. He can no longer give in. After a night of crying and trying to think, she finally decided. “I have to be alone,” Tari stuttered. His heart was quickly unleashed. He could even hear his loud rhythm. “You`re noisy, I`m going to ask the security managers to put you out!” said William coldly.

Bian looked dubious. Sometimes waking up late must be the morning prayer at the mosque. “Perfect,” says Debora, the makeup artist who had just applied Marsha`s makeup. Marsha tries to be calm and not nervous. William shook hands with Marsha, Willam knew that the little girl before him was now very nervous. “Don`t let me ask security to fire you!” cried Karin. Bian was stunned to see his wife, only one deal was made, Tari had already taken his role. Soon after, Mario arrived in his daughter`s dressing room, he continued to look at his very beautiful daughter.

Mario smiles happily, his little girl is getting married now. Marsha sighed deeply, she remembered that this marriage was accompanied by an agreement with William. That is, her marriage to William is limited to status. “I think there should be a clarification from the president. There are rumors that the president is protecting Ahok when it comes to Sumberwaras` case,” Fadli Zon said. The Ritz-Carlton was the hotel William and Marsha chose for their wedding. Marsha began to enter the hotel`s ballroom as she firmly grabbed her father`s hand. Marsha tried to catch her breath and shut up. A flash of camera filled the hotel`s ballroom when Marsha and Mario began to enter the hotel`s ballroom. Soon after, Marsha was already wearing a very beautiful wedding dress. Marsha`s appearance was really like a princess, the diamond crown on Marsha`s head made Marsha`s appearance perfect for her look today. Swarovski`s beautiful dress looked at them.

Even Marsha himself was surprised by his appearance. Yes, it is blocked or mmg there is no sequel.🙄 Bian was again stunned by his wife`s remarks. There is a sense of reluctance to dismay when one thinks one must part with Tari. .