"LaurAlex Co is very easy to work with paul helped me close new deals for my company. My company has expanded because of LaurAlex Co thanks paul

– Chris, Houston TX

"Paul is the consummate pro! He always delivers when others cant.

– Eric, Holiday FL

"Paul phone skills were greatly appreciated by my sales team.

– Paul L, Montreal Canada

"He manages to strike up a conversation with a decision maker almost immediately. A skill that is hard to find out there. I have used his services going on 8 yrs.

– Mark H, Dallas TX

"Paul is an intrigal part of our business plans moving forward.

– Mark L , Needham MA

"I would recommend Paul to anyone.

– Phil, Arlington Heights, IL

"Paul can use me as a reference. And if/when I decide to resume sales calls, I will definitely touch base.

– Steve S, San Rafael, CA

"I will certainly keep Paul in mind if we decide to go after other markets because I really think he is good at what he does

– Ollie P, Wakefield, MA

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